As streaming from the Puerto Marina is no longer possible, this is a time-lapse clip of daily shots taken at midday on the days 12 Jul to 18 Oct 2018. This webcam is now being relocated.

sunrise: 07:22
sunset: 19:29


3 weeks ago

Webcam Benalmadena

Lovely warm February days in Benalmádena Costa.
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Joanne Ryan


Susan Walls, Karen Bloomfield, Lesley Quinan and Julie Angus WOOHOO xx

Sunny Wales looks same

Cant come soon enough 😎😎🙂xxx

Love it there going back in March

24 hours and counting 😎


Wish I was back there 🙄

Love it, love it, looove it.....😎

Keep that sun coming , coming soon 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Gorgeous photos, why aren’t I there?

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1 month ago

Webcam Benalmadena

A Sunday afternoon walk in Benalmádena pueblo.
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Me too


Pat White

Love this place.

Sheila Garraway need to visit The Pueblo 🐝🐝🐝🐝❣️

Best place god my hols there😎

Beautiful weather


Beautiful place..

I can’t wait for March Darryl Kear, Christine Taylor, and Owen Taylor. I know you will love it too xx

Lovely place xx

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2 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

Today's warm and relaxing Benalmádena costa.
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Going Thurs ❤️

Holly Bright 😍✈️☀️ xx

Herlige bilder🌴🏊👙kos dere😎

Que bonita Málaga y su costa que playa más bonitas

Looking forward to being there in June , Jimmy Wallace Emma Mc Closkey Darren Mc Closkey 🍺🍹👙🌞

Martin Norcross.....cannot wait, i just love Benalmadena 😍xxx

And me xx

Looks lovely would love to go there one year I'll get there x

Oh my god need to go back 😎😎

Going in june...cant wait.

Maxi Federico 😎

Nicola Russell looks beautiful xx

Be their in two weeks!! Hope the weather is good! X

Stunning photos. 👍

Wish we were there now 😍

Going back in March can't wait

Can’t wait!! 😎

Beautiful x

Conor Roberts

Is that actually today? Beautiful xx

Beautiful place love it 🥰 would visit again

Love to go back

Christine Taylor won’t be long before we are there x

Coming back in August can’t wait been coming for 9 years now love it

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3 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena
Happy New Year to all our Viewers & Followers!

Happy New Year to all our Viewers & Followers!
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Happy new year best webcam ever

Felicidades a todos

Best wishes for this 2019

Happy New year! Winter storm in Helsinki.

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3 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

A December night in Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena.
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Looks lovely ♥️

Love Benalmadena and Arroyo back in May.

Great photos!

Looks lovely ♥️

Beautiful place!


Sau Lius💕

Linda Farrow 😩

I love Benalmadena. ❤

I love Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena. everything is very beautiful🤩💖❤️💝

❤️J❤️💝💖 love Malaga beautiful place x

Mi segundo hogar 💕💕💕

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4 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

The charming streets of Benalmádena pueblo.
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Zoe Piscitelli 💕

🌅🌅😎😎😘 Per H. Larsen

Beautiful place ... I love being there. Maracas Bar on the beach is a magnet in the day 🍻

We live about two miles away

My Home! ❤

We absolutely loved the pueblo when we had our place in alquibla just round the corner. X


Vores lille skønne by 👍🙏❤️

Hermoso pueblo,con una magia qué te atrap

Nd I don't blame you Darren n Fiona a wonderful peaceful little peace of heaven ❤️

Vivienne Jennings

Looking forward to the warmth and buzz, great place

Beautiful photos of our village.

It is Caroline x

The place to be, beautiful 💖xx

Looks lovely


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5 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

Benalmádena Costa has ever so much to offer...
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Need to go next year! Jason Allibone xxxx

Sallyann Fox, Jamie Higgins

Natalie Kirkland

Just got back.....didn’t we Christine?

Coming for first time on Wednesday ☺️

Wish I was there!!! 😩

Went there last year lovely place highly recommend will definitely go back

Love to go there

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6 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

The idyllic Sunday morning life of Arroyo de la Miel.
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Di sobre todo la entrada por la autovía una maravilla. Haber cuando vamos a dejar de conducir por el arcén para que comiencen las obras

Creo que no tenéis derecho de publicar photos de la gente sin su conocimientos ni su permiso no?


My beautiful town.....

No es mi pueblo..pero me encanta vivir aqui..

Me gusta

Arroyo de la Miel ...mi barrio adoro vivir en el..

Me encanta mi arroyo soy feliz aqui

Love this place xx

Que bonito es

Me gusta❤️

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6 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

More sunny days in Benalmádena...
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Hope to be there next year

Love the place. Will be there 29th November for 3 weeks and back again March 2019. 😎

7 months ago

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Vicki Grace x

Couple more days 🌅🌅 Jonny Thornton

Que bien hay estáis ahora

8 months ago

Webcam Benalmadena

After the success in popularity of Webcam Fuengirola, today we are launching our next website in this expanding Costa del Sol project... Webcam Benalmádena. Enjoy the views of our first two webcams in this delightful town and let us know your opinions, comments and suggestions. Follow our posts here on Facebook and enjoy our webcam views of the Costa del Sol.
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Lovely place we were there in March this year 😎

We travell to Benalmadena one - two times each year😍 was here April and we go back in September😄If the lottery call us.. its gonna be apartment here also 😂

Precioso puerto Marina

Idyllic views ❤

Precioso Puerto Marina,pero necesita repasar todas alcantarillas q están rotas y obsoletas y arreglo carretera del paseo,hay q ir actualizando todo....sino perderá el puerto parte d su encanto!

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